Abusive Birthday Balloons

The manufacturer calls these Abusive Birthday Balloons a “conversation starter.” Sure, they’ll start a conversation. A conversation about what a jerk whoever threw this birthday party is. There are no rainbows, butterflies, sunshine, or unicorns here. Just mean insults written on black balloons: perfect for someone who you hate.

Happy birthday!

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Awkward Vintage Polka Album Covers

What else would you listen to on 2021 than a upbeat polka playlist? While you would never call the polka genre “self-serious”, some musicians have really taken it to the limit. Here’s a selection of some of the strangest polka album covers through past eras that we could find.

Awkward vintage polka album cover.

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Instagram Account Documents Ugly Belgian Houses, And They’re Hilariously Bad

Back in 2012, blogger Hannes Coudenys decided to begin documenting the peculiarities of Belgian architecture on an Instagram account called @UglyBelgianHouses, and it has drawn the attention of architecture enthusiasts from all over the world. But really, how hideously bizarre can a house design really be? Scroll down to check out the list of outrageous examples below, and let us know in the comments if your house is even uglier!

Ugly Belgian house.

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