Meet Chris: The Splits Guy

Chris about himself: “I am just an ordinary guy who enjoys the freedom of flexibility. All my flexibility is self taught. I have had no hands on, or professional training. I have never participated in any sports. As a child, I was never flexible. I didn’t start stretching until I was around 15. I also enjoy video gaming.” You can follow his progress on his Flickr page. Scroll down to see his best splits!

Meet Chris: the splits guy.

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The Funniest “What Idiot Called It…” Tweets

Some people believe that puns are the lowest form of comedy possible. We humbly believe that these people are wrong. One of our favorite puntastic joke categories is “what idiot called it X and not Y,” where a word that everyone knows is taken and a punny alternative is suggested to replace it. Simple but effective and almost guaranteed to improve your mood and crack a smile.

what idiot called it a "randomized clinical trial controlled with placebo" and not "trick or treatment"

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