Australians Who Leave House Only To Take Out Trash Have Started Dressing In Costumes To Do it

If you are following the rules of the COVID-19 quarantine responsibly, you probably only leave your house when you really have to. Quickly, people began to realize that the only time they can enjoy a little bit of fresh air guilt-free is when they are taking out the trash. To honor this precious moment, a handful of Australians decided to properly dress up when they are handling their bins and crated a Facebook group Bin Isolation Outing. Featured below are the funniest examples.

Why not take out the trash in a costume?

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This Dog Always Finds The Fluffiest Dogs In Daycare So She Can Nap On Them

If you are brave enough, everything and everyone is a pillow. And Edna is fearless. This cute little dog has been attending day care since she was just a little pup, and her routine has pretty much remained the same: Edna runs around, playing for the first couple of hours and exhausts herself so much, she needs to get some sleep to recharge her batteries. So, she starts looking for a cozy spot to doze off for the remainder of the day. However, since so many dogs are competing for the same thing, finding it can be quite challenging. So Edna adapts. And when she needs a nap, she picks out a fluffy dog at day care and uses them as a pillow!

Other dog is the best pillow.

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How Medieval Artists Painted Elephants (They Had Apparently Never Seen an Elephant)

Imagine a four-legged beast with no knee joints that cannot lie down and has to sleep leaning against a tree. An animal with a long, skinny trumpet for a nose. A creature large enough that one can build small castles on its back. It lives for 300 years and is afraid of mice. Its mortal enemy is the dragon. It must “travel to the East, near Paradise, where the mandrake grows” when it comes time to mate. Now draw this thing.

This is how medieval artists painted elephants.

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