Long Furby Trend: People Are Turning Their Furbies Into Terrifying Centipedes

The internet is full of surprises and it keeps evolving every single day. This is definitely one of such surprising things and it’s quite bizarre. Apparently, there’s an internet trend among strange people who dedicate their time and money to create long Furby versions of the good old Furby toy. Some even sell them online for those who want one, but don’t know how to make it themselves.

Long Furby.

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Top 50 Worst First World Problems

1. When you spend so long looking for something to watch on Netflix, that your dinner gets cold.

2. When you have too many chips for your dip… but if you open another dip, you will have too much dip for your chips.

3. When you have to go all the way upstairs to get your laptop charger.

4. That moment when you have to wait 4.5 seconds deciding whether or not to hold the door for someone because they are at awkward distance.

5. When you crack your iPad screen because you dropped your iPhone on it.

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Hilariously Bad Celebrity Portraits by Twitter Picasso

Australian “artist” Twitter Picasso creates ballpoint celebrity portraits and they are terrible. The illustrations are so bad, they are actually good. The purposefully grotesque caricatures are full of small details inspired by the subjects’ tattoos, clothing, and body shape, offering a hilariously accurate take on some of the most famous people in the entertainment industry. Scroll down to see the best (worst?) examples!

Celebrity fanart by Twitter Picasso.

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