This Month’s Funniest Internet Finds

Really High Dogs – “We need to marilize legijuana”, “Roll over? You mean roll another?”, “Play dead? No man… Play Floyd!”, and other brilliant thoughts that would appear in dogs’ minds if they got high.

Hilariously Cringy Dadjokes + Stock Photos – When dadjokes and stock photos come together, the combinations they create are so bad, they are actually kinda good.

Artist Turns Annoying Potholes Into Funny Mosaics – Artist Jim Bachor has been taking the task upon himself to take care of Chicago’s roads by filling them with funny pothole mosaics… and it’s brilliant.

Pop Culture Icons Recreated With Sausages – This gallery is exactly what you think it is: sausages dressed as celebrities, art pieces, and cartoon characters.

Pictures Taken From Exactly The Right Angle – Perspective matters. Angle matters. Don’t believe anything you see online. Even this gallery.

Funniest Dog Videos Of All Time – We understand the value of a good funny dog video, so here’s a list of our six best viral pup videos of all time. You’re welcome.

Random Funny Pictures – What do you do when you are bored at work? You just mindlessly scroll through random funny pictures, of course!

Why You Shouldn’t Do Comedy In Nice Places – Check out this truly mind-opening video that we can learn from.

Animals Caught Doing Funny Things – From a jet-propelled seagull to a gorilla picking its nose, these fabulously funny animal pictures are sure to make you giggle.

Capitalism vs. Socialism vs. Libertarianism – Are you struggling to properly understand these -isms? This handy illustrated guide will help you out!

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The Funniest Reactions To iPhone 13

Apple users are buzzing this week because of the Apple event where the iPhone 13 was revealed. However, it was met with some disappointment as people couldn’t see why they should spend money on the new phone which looked exactly the same as the previous model. But the bright side is that the internet has done its thing and we have the most entertaining memes poking fun at this release.

Me waiting for iPhone 13 to drop, so iPhone 12 price decreases, iPhone 11 price decreases, then I can buy iPhone 7

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The Creepy Doll Adoption Agency

So you’ve inherited your grandmother’s precious dolls, which she cherished, but you can’t stand them because they look so creepy? You aren’t alone, as many people end up with dolls that are ugly, haunted, or give off uncanny valley vibes. You could toss them, but that’s neither respectful to grandma nor is it environmentally-friendly. What to do?

Creepy doll.

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95-Year-Old Grandma & Her Grandson Dress-Up In Ridiculous Outfits, And It’s Brilliant

This comical BFF relationship between 95-year-old Pauline Kana and her 29-year-old grandson Ross Smith is very special. It all started more than 8 years ago. Dduring his tenure in college, Ross began filming short videos on Vine. In one of the videos, he decided to feature his grandma blocking a basketball shot. The thing blew up all over the internet, and things weren’t the same ever since. The grandson saw potential in his badass grandma, so they became partners-in-crime, and started doing hilarious videos and fun photoshoots together. Featured below are some of their funniest creations.

Funny grandma + grandson costume.

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