Funny Spotify Playlist Names

Instead of listening to podcasts or music on Spotify people have been getting very creative with playlists, resulting in song selections that does not necessary mean anything on a musical level, but mean a lot when it comes to the playlist title and the song names.

Funny Spotify playlist.

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Sea Squirts: Unexpectedly Cute Undersea Creatures

These bizarre-looking undersea creatures even have an adorable name to match their comical faces: sea squirts. However, while these sea squirts may appear to have two eyes and a mouth in that photo, they don’t technically have eyes or mouths at all. They live on the ocean floor, and feed on plankton and other organic matter, which they strain from water pumped through their bodies. Sea squirts are basically a big stomach inside a sack that looks like a permanently surprised blob.

Sea squirts.

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Chicken Decanter And Glass Set

Nowadays storing liquor isn’t really enough on its own to impress the guests. However, what might be enough is a set of silly ranch-themed decanters, glasses and a bunch of whiskey to help you get a good laugh. That’s exactly the idea behind the skilfully crafted chicken decanter set. It even comes with a couple of glasses standing on chicken legs!

Chicken decanter.

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Hilariously Terribly Hidden Packages

We all have been ordering more and more stuff online each year, so deliveries are surging, and delivery guys have less time to think how to properly hide each package. That’s the only explanation we could come up while looking at these photos of hilariously terrible delivery fails.

Hilariously terribly hidden package.

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This Twitter Account Collects Hilariously Weird Medieval Art

The Twitter account @WeirdMedieval offers a rare glimpse into the medieval art by collecting and posting everything from illuminated manuscripts to tapestries, mosaics and stained glass. The medieval period is known for its many art forms and its awkward executions: think of doodles of knights fighting snails, monks playing butt trumpets, or huge rabbits murdering people, so there’s no shortage of content to laugh at.

possibly the cutest ever rendition of a bat, england, 13th century

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Funny Examples of Dog Window In Fence

Dogs are curious animals. They like to keep watch over the territory, a dog window in fence gives your dog a place to see what’s going on in the world outside their backyard. Sure you can buy prefabricated fence windows, however some owners choose to make one by themselves. Usually the result is quite funny. For example, sometimes just drilling three holes in the fence is enough:

Beware of the dogs!

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