Realistic Eyeball Toenail Art: Toe Eyes

Because this is the internet and the internet is full of unholy abominations, nail artist Tahvya of @nailedbytav created this realistic eyeball toenail art from hell. We don’t know about you, but that’s probably the last thing you’d expect to see when your girlfriend or boyfriend takes their socks off. Tahvya painted each nail by hand and says the whole ten-toe-eyeball pedicure took about three hours to finish.

Toenail eyeballs.

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This Instagram Page Collects Brilliant Street Photography

Street photography aims to capture mirror reflections of society in urban environment to create tiny time capsules of our world. The Street Photographers Instagram page is dedicated to featuring street photography from all around the world. The main goal of the page (and the organization behind it) is to offer a platform for up-and-coming photographers, artists, and designers to exhibit their work in order to generate opportunities and open new doors. Scroll down to see some of the best examples!

Brilliant street photography.

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Finally! 2023 Pissed-Off Cats Calendar Is Here!

While some cats are only silently judging your poor life decisions, others openly show their hatred and contempt. 2023 Pissed-Off Cats Calendar lets you spend the next year looking at cats that want to murder you in your sleep. In addition to hilariously pissed off cat pics, it comes with all major holidays, plus 300+ fun official occasions like: National Dress Up Your Pet Day (Jan. 14), National Pizza Day (Feb. 9), National Hug Your Cat Day (Jun. 4), and many more.

This cat really hates your guts.

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Confusing Pics That Need To Be Looked at Twice To Understand

Welcome to the wonderful world of illusions and intriguing photography, brought to you by the aptly named r/ConfusingPerspective subreddit. This subreddit celebrates “puzzling perspectives, confusing angles, and missing context,” and their pics offer a glimpse into how something completely ordinary can look downright bizarre by moving just a few inches. Scroll down to see the best examples!

Confusing picture.

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Awkward Instagram Trend: Dogs With Mullets

There’s a new trend among dog owners: mullet style grooming. It’s even gaining some traction among viral Instagram trends under #DogMullet tag. What’s your take on this? Should forcing the worst haircut ever on a poor dog be considered animal cruelty? Or is it harmless fun? Leave your opinion in comments below!

Mullet is the latest dog grooming trend.

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Artist Reimagines Celebrities as The Subjects of Classical Paintings

From the elegance of their clothes to the stiffness of their poses, it can be hard to relate to portraits from the 17th or 18th century. The art project by french artist Kyès seems to turn this around by inserting contemporary celebrities into classical paintings. With the help of almighty Photoshop, Kyès helps us picture what our favorite actors and musicians would have looked like if they had posed for a painter centuries ago, with a sensible outfit for the era. The attention to detail is exceptional. Scroll down to see the best examples!

When celebrity turns into a classical painting...

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How To Ruin Your Family Thanksgiving: A Thread

Ah, Thanksgiving… Everyone’s favorite holiday that’s full of delicious food, football, and family. For many people, the family aspect can be the worst part of the day. Well, one Twitter user shared a rather fun way to make Thanksgiving even more entertaining. In a thread titled, “How to Ruin Your Family Thanksgiving,” she reveals a pretty sneaky and detailed plan for sabotaging Thanksgiving for your family. Sure, you could ruin Thanksgiving just by talking about politics, but why take the easy road? Scroll down to see a more sophisticated plan!


The Thanksgiving holiday is a time of discomfort and strife for most families. Things are going to be bad either way, so instead of being a victim to someone else in your family causing the problems, come out on top by sowing discord yourself, in a way YOU have control over.

(((DISCLAIMER: NONE of the catastrophes that happen should be able to be traced back to you, all the discord you cause MUST be disguised in such a way that it looks like it’s someone else’s fault. For your own good, you MUST ALWAYS be the victim)))

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Funny Stuff From Our Friends

Funny And Confusing Thrift Store T-Shirts – Makes you wonder about the stories behind these unusual t-shirt design choices.

Crocs Balls: The Dumbest Thing Money Can Buy – That’s right, you can actually purchase attachable balls for your comfy Crocs and walk around like a total moron!

Memes About Psychology And Therapy – One of the many reasons memes are so funny is the fact they’re relatable. These are VERY relatable.

Genius Life Hacks That Were Discovered by Lazy People – Why would you work hard when you could work smart? Or not at all.

Man Releases Wild Bird With Unexpected Outcome – It started as such a heartwarming video. Also, birds are dumb.

20 Hiking Memes That Are Just Too True – If you like to go hiking or are considering to start doing it as a hoppy, you may want to take a look at these.

The 6 Funniest Cat Videos of All Time – You have to admit there isn’t anything much better in life than a funny cat video.

Useless Solutions For Problems That Don’t Exist – Collection of totally unnecessary inventions is filled with items that no one is asking.

Bee Stings: Nature’s Lip Fillers – Some of us can’t afford lip injections that break the bank. That’s why these fine folks found a cost-effective way to up the glamour by simply pissing off an insect instead.

Butt Plug Sink Plug – Looking for the perfect Christmas gift that inexpensive and very useful? Well, you’re in luck.

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The Funniest Black Friday Tweets

Oh, Black Friday! Time wonderful time when people hit the stores and try not to get trampled to death over a half price TV set. Sounds like fun? Some Twitter users agree, some disagree. Take a look at the funniest Black Friday tweets below!

If you're going Black Friday shopping, be a decent human being and turn your phone horizontal before you record fights.

I'd rather let a red-headed kid sneeze in my mouth than go shopping on Black Friday.

This Black Friday remember, your Christmas present will be much more meaningful to me if you had to pepper spray someone in order to get it.

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The Best Beards From The World Beard and Mustache Championship

Welcome to the wonderland of facial hair of all styles, shapes, and sizes, from giant beards to outlandish mustaches. We are talking about The National Beard and Moustache Championships which took place in Casper on November 12, 2022. This whimsical event celebrates facial hair, and joins beard aficionados together into one big bushy community who just loves having fun with a dash of competition. Photographer Greg Anderson set out on a mission to capture the numerous participants in their one-of-a-kind beards on camera. Below we selected some of the most interesting beards Anderson spotted during the championships.

Epic beard.

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