With This Ride-On Trump Costume It Looks Like Donald Is Giving You a Piggyback Ride

 This ride-on Trump costume will make you look like Donald J. Trump himself is giving you a piggyback ride. This hilarious thing is sure to be a hit and a conversation argument starter at any party you attend. To use it, just slip your legs all the way through the costume, which makes your real legs become Trump’s legs, and then two fake legs will then dangle in front of fake Trump as if they’re your legs as he’s giving you a piggyback ride… Yeah, it’s kinda complicated, but looks funny.

Funny Trump costume.

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Capybaras Are Chill With Everyone

Why do other animals like capybaras so much? The photo evidence of capybara friendliness is more than convincing. Every animal seems to like hanging out with this friendly creature. Even crocodiles! The answer? We don’t know… If you do, let us know in the comments!

Capybaras are chill with everyone.

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Farmers Are Shaming Their Chickens For Their “Crimes”, The Result Is Hilarious

Most chickens are friendly and quite smart (for example, they can recognize and distinguish more than 100 faces). But some of them give up laying you eggs and go rogue. From attacking little children and cats to trashing the house once inside, and sh*tting on your favorite chair. Teaching them a lesson, chicken owners are shaming their animals after catching them red-handed, and we’re loving it.

Chicken shaming.

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