This Month’s Funniest Internet Finds

Completely Idiotic Design Mistakes – Looking at these dumb design mistakes only one question pops to mind: “What the hell were they thinking?!”

Funniest Wildlife Photos From The Past Year – Did you know that each year there is a “Comedy Wildlife Photography” contest that give out awards to funniest animal pictures? There is. And it’s brilliant.

One-Star Reviews Of National Parks Turned Into Funny Posters – Nature. We all love it. It’s soothing. It’s reinvigorating. It’s something to experience for about a day before you’re bored to tears, and want to go home to see what’s new on Netflix.

Brilliant Book Dedications – Generic book dedications are a dime-a-dozen, but these authors decided to make theirs as funny and creative as possible.

Sober Memes Gallery – You can learn a lot about addiction and recovering addicts from the funny and true memes they post online.

Halloween 2020 Decorations Aren’t Afraid To Get Political – for some people, Halloween 2020 means not just blowing off steam, but also expressing some righteous anger at the piteous state of our politics as the pandemic rages on and a presidential election looms.

Five Funny Uplifting Videos – five things that made us laugh or smile, or are inspirational and generally uplifting.

Vegan Hunters Pose With Their Kills – We’ve all seen the photos of the Trump Boys and other “hunters” posing with their kills. But hunting isn’t the exclusive manly domain of carnivores…

70 Times Indian People Facebook Was Too Funny To Be True – Social media has its own advantages, but in the meantime, it can be really tough for some people. Indian people Facebook is the perfect storm of funny, stupid and English as second language posts.

Disturbingly Hilarious Pictures Of Bearded Men Looking Straight Up – Many men look awesome with beards, there’s no doubt about that. Or is there? This internet challenge urges men with facial hair to share selfies they took while looking straight up, and the disturbingly hilarious results prove that shaggy chins aren’t that sexy from all angles.

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Talented Mom Crochets Amazing Full Body Halloween Costumes For Her Kids

Every year for Halloween, talented Ohio mom Stephanie Pokorny of Crochetverse does something special for her family. And by “something special” she means crocheting unbelievably awesome Halloween costumes that require great skill and dedication. For example this scary character from the classic science fiction film Predator for her six year old son, who had just seen the film and had become obsessed with the creature:

Crocheted Predator costume.

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Brilliant 2020 Halloween Decorations That Are Both Funny And Frightening

Before you set out on a mission to browse the attic for the same Halloween decoration props you reuse every year, let us tell you something. The world has changed. Things got a whole lot more scary this year. And from what we have seen happening in 2020 so far, the jack-o’-lantern ain’t gonna do much in the spooky department. Below, we compiled some of the most relevant, painfully funny, and plain damn spooky Halloween decoration ideas from creative people nailing the haunted night.

Brilliant Halloween decoration.

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