Creepy Vintage Santas

Christmas should be all about joy, happiness, and gifts… However these Santas look like something that has creeped out of a fever dream. It seems that Christmas was much more scary in the past…

Creepy vintage Santa.

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World’s Ugliest Pottery by Lucky Stradley

Made by Lucky Stradley and sold in her Etsy store, these weird artworks really makes you think about the strange nature of human beings, as it seems lots of them are actually buying these crimes against good taste. And the artist is happy to oblige. In her own words: “I have been making a living with my art since I turned 21 years old. Now that’s a long time. I discovered the wonderful world of making faces on functional pottery in May of 2009. I love mud. I love making faces. I love making faces in the mud. Gosh, I am the happiest when I have mud all over my hands and my apron and a cute little ugly face is looking back at me from the mud.”

Weird pottery.

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Books That Perfectly Sum Up Life

The best kind of humor is relatable humor. That’s why we recommend following this Instagram account. The illustrations and titles go together perfectly and they cover such a wide range of topics. Dating, dieting, trying to make friends as an adult without coming off like a desperate creep. Like we said, relatable. Scroll down to see our favorites and leave your book title ideas in comments!

Story of my life.

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2022 Chicken Daddies Calendar Is Here!

After Uninspirational Quotes and Pooping Pooches, you think you’ve seen it all… until another fantastic calendar blows your mind! Introducing Chicken Daddies, the best calendar you could possibly get for 2022. Seriously. You can get the Classy Version where the Chicken Daddies dress in their traditional dresses and pose as beautifully as possible or you can get a Daisy Dukes Edition! You know, if you like a little more… skin.

Chicken daddies 2022 calendar.

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These Ingenious Beer Mittens Keep Your Hands Warm While Keeping Your Beer Cold

Drinking booze in the winter is a complicated task. You need to keep your hands warm, and you need to keep your beer cold, but when you hold your beer with your bare hand, your beer gets warm, and your hand gets cold. This is a conundrum that humans have faced for millennia. Well, not anymore, these ingenious beer mittens, are a pair of winter mitts that were designed with one sole purpose in mind, and that is to hold your beer in the winter without getting your hand cold.

Beer mittens.

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